Love is on the Cloud – ENERGY & IoT

Let me introduce you to ‘Energy’. Energy is the most basic necessity of life. It is strongly associated with the development of mankind. This makes it the most precious amenity for life and yet it goes unaccounted for. We tend to keep a detailed check on how much data we use, what we shop, what we eat blah blah blah but then when it comes to energy, it simply gets ignored till the extent that people don’t want to know the details beyond the bill that has to be paid. Don’t you think that ‘ENERGY’ requires slightly more attention, maybe if you could show some interest in understanding about how exactly the energy has been used at your end!

Let us talk about ‘IoT’. Its the buzzword around. Internet of Things (IoT) can be simply understood as getting all the details of your working machine, energy usage, location, etc. online in real-time. IoT enables us in collecting meaningful data in real-time which can be used for further analytics and for getting actionable insights to further improvise our condition via increased efficiency, better savings, reduced down-times, being self-aware.

When Energy meets IoT, the magic happens. All of a sudden, real-time energy monitoring and analysis becomes easy to implement. This enables us to understand our energy usage patterns and makes us aware about the wastage that is happening because of the way we are consuming energy. We can also deep dive into the specifics of where and how are we using energy at our homes & work places. Energy combined with IoT makes it easy for energy auditors to collect and analyze energy data as well as it gives all the end users an opportunity to monitor and improvise their way of energy consumption for better savings and a greener tomorrow.

Let us foster the love story – ENERGY & IoT. This will be our step towards implementing the concept of smart energy and eventually lead ourselves towards a smarter and better tomorrow.

P.S. – My next article shall cover the way of implementing IoT in Energy.

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