USHVA – Journey for an Energy Revolution

Ushva is a bunch of like-minded people who wish to bring about a paradigm shift in the energy scenario across the globe. Energy (Electricity) has always been considered as a passive component of our lives and we have hardly seen anyone trying to optimize passive things in life. In today’s world, everyone is making a run for getting the active components of their life right such as getting a luxurious house, cars, the most high-tech cell-phones, looks, etc.

A lot of people are trying to find newer sources of energy and yet we have hardly seen much change in the overall energy scenario. There are still a lot of places across the globe facing huge scarcity of energy/electricity, the places having access to electricity are facing high and rising electricity prices. Few individuals/companies trying to bring in newer energy forms or optimizing the networks wouldn’t bring the change that we are looking for.

We at Ushva believe that to bring a significant change in the global energy scenario, we need to change the thought process about energy. To bring a paradigm shift, energy has to be thought of and accepted as an active component of every individual’s life.

Now the question is – How do we make energy as an active component of everyone’s life?

Ushva is developing a unique technology that shall induce a sense of responsibility about every bit of energy used at households, industries, offices, etc. along with integrating renewable sources of energy such as solar photovoltaic (PV) at a decentralized level. The technology is – ‘Next Generation Interactive Solar Inverter’.


P.S.: Stay tuned to know more about the technology that we are building, how we are building, the problems that we face, our ways of solving those problems, etc.

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