If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It

Everybody talks about energy conservation & optimization, bringing in new sources of energy, efficient technology, etc. Along with all these, what is also necessary is measuring & monitoring the current sources & technology to bore better results without any significant efforts. Whether we pass or fail in an exam is known by measuring & comparing our score with certain reference value. How much to improve and where to improve is known by analyzing our previous results and detailed analysis of our strengths and weaknesses.

Like our exam scores, the performance of any energy system also needs to be monitored and analyzed to improve the energy yield as well as better energy conservation. At Ushva, we believe that our energy systems should be monitored and analyzed in real-time to achieve maximum energy output along with best possible operational convenience.

Akhilesh & Hetvi from our team have been working relentlessly to create a full-fledged robust communications stream for our energy systems so as to loose not even a single data point. They believe that data holds the highest value in the betterment of our systems. Every data point lost is equivalent to loosing energy for them.


We monitor and analyze all aspects of energy at micro levels in real-time which helps us render the best possible results from our systems. Our systems have been designed to learn and improvise based on the prior performance data points and the historical data sets also help us in staying prepared for what’s about to come next. Not only us, but also our systems learn from the prior experiences and inefficiencies.

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