Independent | Intelligent | Convenient.Beacon - Next Generation Interactive Solar Inverter

Inverters play a crucial role in any solar energy system and are often considered to be the brains of a project, whether it's a residential system or utility power plant. USHVA Inverter is a next generation solar inverter, that is easy to install, highly efficient and has a sleek artistic design. It is specially designed to keep battery healthy for longer time period.

Industrial Storylines


● Bipolar Model
● Pure Sine wave Single Phase
● Transformer-less

Easy to use

● Quick and Easy wall mounting
● All in One case


● Maximized Self - Consumption through efficient charge and wireless load management


● Integrated Wireless hub function communicates with Ushva portal via Wifi and GSM models


● Power sources Transfer Notification
● Alert Notificaion
● Overload or Short circuit Notification


● Ease of access to appliances
● Smart socket to avoid condition such as overload or short circuit
● Power optimization through wireless load control system
● Power usage pattern will help to optimize appliance uses and will save money

Power component in one box

● MPPT circuit
● Inverter circuit
● Smart switch circuit
● Wireless Hub (load control + data transfer circuit)


● Maximum load - 3.5kW
● Input voltage - 400V DC
● Output voltage - 230V AC
● Frequency - 50 Hz
● Efficiency - >97%

  • POWERED BY IBM Bluemix

    IBM Bluemix is a cloud-based platform as a Service (PaaS) that collects and stores data to help you intelligently analyze and optimize the performance of your Solar Inverter.